Gun Cleaning Products

Austin, TX

I am a man with a problem. I lose sleep if my guns aren’t clean, but I hate cleaning my AR. There are so many little nooks and crannies and I don’t have the brushes to get in there. Short of running my upper through the dishwasher (which I have considered), I was at a loss. That was until I found these Iosso brushes that are custom made for cleaning out the upper receiver and barrel of the AR 15.

Included in the kit are an upper receiver brush, bolt carrier brush, chamber brush, and bore brush. After a five minute once over with all four brushes and some cleaner, my receiver is the cleanest it has been since the day I got it new. I’m not sure what the lifespan of these brushes are as they are made of of something called Nyflex instead of your typical brass fare. Either way, at the way they are priced, you can probably afford to replace them every now and then.
You absolutely owe it to yourself to pick up a set of these brushes. Your AR will thank you and if you obsess like I do, you’ll sleep better at night.
Thanks so much for making a great product!

Terre Haute, IN

I just recently got my hands on a tube of your Bore Cleaner. To be blunt, I have never seen anything as effective as your product for removing powder fouling, and I have used a great many bore cleaners. Thanks for a great product.

Phoenix, AZ

I have used your bore cleaner, brass case cleaning solution and brushes for a couple of years. These products were recommended by a master gunsmith. These products are the best I have ever used, period. I have many friends that are beginning shooters and ask for a recommendation, which is the great IOSSO products! Thank you for producing premium products.

Cadiz, KY

I just used some of the Brass Case Polish. It did an absolutely fantastic job on some very nasty cases. I’m using the polish with corn media in the large Dillon unit. I thought the Dillon Polish was good, but your product exceeds theirs. Thanks Again

Eau Clair, WI

The reinforced Bore Brush I had received from you worked excellent. I would gladly recommend it to anybody I shoot with. What I liked about it was that it didn’t take as long as using a regular brass brush. Recently I shot my .50 caliber black powder rifle at the range and I was not able to clean it for three or four hours when I got home. Black powder guns are the toughest cleaning problem I have run across, especially if you leave them sit after shooting. I tried to clean it with the solvent that I got with the rifle but it didn’t work, so I got out my IOSSO Gun Oil & Bore Cleaner and it cleaned it right up. The brush really helped! It took twenty-five rounds of build up out quickly and made it look new. I’d recommend your products, they work great and they have saved me a lot of money. I think your product works the best of all the cleaning supplies I’ve used.

Quincy, IL

A few months ago I purchased a 1.5 oz tube of your IOSSO Bore Cleaner and I love it. It is an excellent product. Thank You.

Fearless Fred

I just picked up a tube of your Bore Cleaner. Best darn stuff that I have found in thirty years of shooting and reloading. Takes the burn rings off the stainless cylinder with little effort. Sure beats any other product I have tried to do that with. Great Stuff!!

Brighton Beach, NJ

I would like to thank you for your IOSSO Bore Cleaner. After using your product my accuracy increased dramatically. The accuracy has been so consistent I am shocked and extremely satisfied. I thank you for your Product.

Fort Wayne, IN

I just wanted to write a few lines to you and tell you a little bit about what your product did for my long weapons. I have a 7 MM Mag with a Mauser FN 98 action coupled to a Douglas #9 barrel which was built for long range dog bust’em, record so far 825 meters. That’s not too bad for an old man. Well anyway there is not enough room in this letter to tell you how many different cleaning products I have used to try and remove a very deep black residue from the barrel. I have spent literally hours pushing them down the bore with no success. A friend came over one evening with a tube of this stuff to try. I was amazed that after a few minutes of work the barrel came clean and the patch slid down the bore with ease and the bore was bright as it should be. Your product is now part of my cleaning process as needed and for sure after a day at the range. Keep up the good work on developing your GREAT products as I very highly recommend the use of IOSSO products as part of any serious shooter cleaning supplies.

Lexington, NE

Thank you so much for returning the call I placed to your company today! I have been an active shooter, hunter and reloader since I was in junior high and I have never used a Bore Cleaner with such quick, effective results as IOSSO Bore Cleaner. I have a .338/06 rifle that had copper fouling in and it seemed to defy my best efforts. I cleaned the rifle six times consecutively with Hoppe’s Copper Solvent and I could visibly see copper on the lands of the rifle when finished. I bought a tube of your cleaner at Cabela’s east store at Kearny, NE. I brought the product home with skepticism, but I took it to my shop and proceeded to clean the same rifle per your instructions. I worked the patch back & forth in the bore for about 10 strokes, after the sixth dry patch emerged from the bore clean, I inspected my handiwork. I could find no copper residue, no powder residue or any other deposit. What I did find was the brightest, cleanest bore one could imagine. Your product has made my most distasteful part of a shooting hobby infinitely more bearable! Thanks for a quality product.

Boca Raton, FL

Several moths ago, I was given a sample of IOSSO Gun Oil with a nylon brush. I also purchased the IOSSO paste. After only a few minutes of cleaning I started getting clean patches. I was also using a double thick patch so that I could pick up as much fowling as possible. This seemed too good to be true. The next day I went to my Copper Dissolving chemicals and my United Kingdom style oil. There was NO Bluing on my copper patches and there was the faintest hint of grey on my oil patches after a 12 hour soak. IOSSO combined with a properly broken in barrel is the only way to clean for me. Thanks..keep up the good work

Queensland, Australia

Several years ago I was able to purchase here, at a gun show, a bottle of your Case Cleaner. The cleaner is in fact terrific. Would you please advise me of current distributors, suppliers in Australia?

Pueblo, CO

For years now I have enjoyed your Bore Cleaner and recommend it highly to all of the firearms owners that I know. Once again, I wish to express my admiration of your fine product and my hope that it is still available.

Keyser, WV

About 2-3 years ago we purchased the Case Cleaner Kit. We have used & relied on it ever since. It is a great Product! We need to reorder. Since the bucket & bag are very durable we don’t need the whole kit, just the cleaning solution. Please send us information & price so we may obtain more. It is one thing we can not do without!!!!

Glendora, CA

I recently had the opportunity to try out your Brass Cleaner and it is by far the greatest stuff I have ever used. I have tried numerous products during many years of reloading. This is the best yet!!!!!

Houston, TX

Your product Quick Strip for removing gun bluing is wonderful.

Indianapolis, IN

I have had the privilege to recently test your Eliminator Gun Oil. I would like to thank you for developing such a great product. I was skeptical at first that gun oil could be scent free but after using it, it truly is. Not only does it lubricate great (I use it on my triggers bolts slides springs magazines etc..) but also it inhibits rust and doesn’t dissipate in the first few days like other gun oils. And the best part is it is scent free! As a hunter that is a huge advantage over all the other brands. And you can clean your guns indoors without making the house smell like solvent. I really feel we should get this product into the hands of our troops. I worked for years at one of the largest, if not the largest military training base, Fort Leonard Wood, and the CLP they now use is not as effective as your product, and it really stinks. Again I would like to personally thank you for making such a great product. Thanks Again!