Alanson, MI

Last year my wife and I purchased a new MasterCraft water ski boat. A problem that we were faced with as a result of leaving our boats in the water during the season is with spider droppings that stains the upholstery quickly. We had what appeared to be an impossible task of removing stains from our new boat. We contacted the manufactures of both the boat and upholstery about the problem and asked them for their suggestions. None of the suggestions that we received helped with the stains. We also talked to many boat dealers, Marinas, tent and canvas shops, they all admitted that they also were faced with the same problem with no solution. Alas, I found you on the Internet. I ordered your Mold & Mildew stain remover and when it arrived my problem was solved. GREAT JOB IOSSO!!!!! You have made life a lot easier for me. I am so pleased with your product, that I have written to the MasterCraft Boat Co and suggested it to them. Thank you IOSSO, keep up the good work.