Eau Clair, WI

The reinforced Bore Brush I had received from you worked excellent. I would gladly recommend it to anybody I shoot with. What I liked about it was that it didn’t take as long as using a regular brass brush. Recently I shot my .50 caliber black powder rifle at the range and I was not able to clean it for three or four hours when I got home. Black powder guns are the toughest cleaning problem I have run across, especially if you leave them sit after shooting. I tried to clean it with the solvent that I got with the rifle but it didn’t work, so I got out my IOSSO Gun Oil & Bore Cleaner and it cleaned it right up. The brush really helped! It took twenty-five rounds of build up out quickly and made it look new. I’d recommend your products, they work great and they have saved me a lot of money. I think your product works the best of all the cleaning supplies I’ve used.