Fort Wayne, IN

I just wanted to write a few lines to you and tell you a little bit about what your product did for my long weapons. I have a 7 MM Mag with a Mauser FN 98 action coupled to a Douglas #9 barrel which was built for long range dog bust’em, record so far 825 meters. That’s not too bad for an old man. Well anyway there is not enough room in this letter to tell you how many different cleaning products I have used to try and remove a very deep black residue from the barrel. I have spent literally hours pushing them down the bore with no success. A friend came over one evening with a tube of this stuff to try. I was amazed that after a few minutes of work the barrel came clean and the patch slid down the bore with ease and the bore was bright as it should be. Your product is now part of my cleaning process as needed and for sure after a day at the range. Keep up the good work on developing your GREAT products as I very highly recommend the use of IOSSO products as part of any serious shooter cleaning supplies.