Indianapolis, IN

I have had the privilege to recently test your Eliminator Gun Oil. I would like to thank you for developing such a great product. I was skeptical at first that gun oil could be scent free but after using it, it truly is. Not only does it lubricate great (I use it on my triggers bolts slides springs magazines etc..) but also it inhibits rust and doesn’t dissipate in the first few days like other gun oils. And the best part is it is scent free! As a hunter that is a huge advantage over all the other brands. And you can clean your guns indoors without making the house smell like solvent. I really feel we should get this product into the hands of our troops. I worked for years at one of the largest, if not the largest military training base, Fort Leonard Wood, and the CLP they now use is not as effective as your product, and it really stinks. Again I would like to personally thank you for making such a great product. Thanks Again!