Lexington, NE

Thank you so much for returning the call I placed to your company today! I have been an active shooter, hunter and reloader since I was in junior high and I have never used a Bore Cleaner with such quick, effective results as IOSSO Bore Cleaner. I have a .338/06 rifle that had copper fouling in and it seemed to defy my best efforts. I cleaned the rifle six times consecutively with Hoppe’s Copper Solvent and I could visibly see copper on the lands of the rifle when finished. I bought a tube of your cleaner at Cabela’s east store at Kearny, NE. I brought the product home with skepticism, but I took it to my shop and proceeded to clean the same rifle per your instructions. I worked the patch back & forth in the bore for about 10 strokes, after the sixth dry patch emerged from the bore clean, I inspected my handiwork. I could find no copper residue, no powder residue or any other deposit. What I did find was the brightest, cleanest bore one could imagine. Your product has made my most distasteful part of a shooting hobby infinitely more bearable! Thanks for a quality product.